College Planning & Funding

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MONEY FOR COLLEGE means different things to different people:


For the family with young children (ages 1 – 10):

Your concern may be knowing the different ways you can  save and accumulate money to send your children to college at sometime in the future.

For the family with high school and college bound children:

Your concern may be finding a way to grow money fast to create a college fund to pay for your college bound student’s expenses in the near future.

For the family with children already in college:

Your concern may be finding money now to pay for the ongoing college expenses of  your college students, who may even be on the road to spending 6 years in college


We assist you in identifying ways to reduce your out-of-pocket college costs without compromising your retirement savings goals.

We assist you in creating a plan based upon your particular financial position to address both your college funding and college cost cutting needs for the colleges you select

These school-specific college funding and college cost saving strategies are customized to your family’s finances and college funding timeframe

Whether your student has 18 years or 18 months to start college, we create a unique and personal solution for you.

We assist you in locating MONEY for COLLEGE and identifying cost cutting measures!