Working American Benefits, Inc. is a Florida based corporation and an insurance agency specializing in insurance and financial services having to do with:


†††††††††††† Individual and family needs

†††††††††††† Senior Citizenís needs

†††††††††††† Employee benefits

†††††††††††† Employer benefits

†††††††††††† Retiree benefits,† and

†††††††††††† Business Protection.


Our corporate office is located in the Town of Davie at 12525 Orange Drive in Suite 715.† Most of our agents are local to this area, but we serve the entire State of Florida.† We have an affiliation with independent insurance agents all over the USA and in some Caribbean countries.† In this way, we also serve the entire USA as well as parts of the Caribbean.



Mission Statement

Assist our clients in achieving the Best Quality of Life through the use of Financial and Insurance products and services.


Our Focus

1.†††† Lifestyle Protection Today

2.†††† Lifestyle Retention Tomorrow


We Provide Workable Solutions
















About Us

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We Provide a Blueprint


Why is Working American Benefits the company that can help me find answers to these and other planning questions, and assist me in implementing the solutions that will help me achieve my goals?


What do I have to do to ensure that I can continue to live at least as well as I do now and still save for tomorrow if something were to happen to me to prevent me from earning a living?


How do I save for my childrenís College Education without sacrificing my own retirement?


How can I make sure I have enough money to live comfortably in retirement?


What do I have to do to keep more of what I make instead of paying it out in taxes?


How will my business survive if something were to happen to me to prevent me from running the business?


What can I do to attract and retain better employees?


What can I do to motivate and incentivize my employees to perform at their best?


How do I make sure that my business is passed on to the successor of my choosing if I were to become incapacitated and could no longer be active in the business?


How do I make sure that my assets go to my family and beneficiaries when the time comes and are not hijacked by any other entity, legal or illegal?


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