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Health Insurance Seminar: About Buying Health Insurance.

Triple Tax Advantage.

Business Owners and Professionals who use the Triple Tax Advantage to buy health insurance can save over 50% from lower premium and taxes.  Dollars that would have been used to pay premium is instead put into tax-free interest bearing accounts or other investments and earn interest.  Account funds provide for the owner’s health care expenses and even retirement income in later years.

Premium as a Direct Business Expense

Business Owners, Professionals and Gig Workers can learn how to use pre-tax dollars to buy health insurance and legitimately, legally claim it as a business expense.

Business Owners & Executives Retirement Plans Seminar:

How to legally cut out the Tax Man in retirement.

How to convert taxable IRAs into Tax-Free Life Insurance

Non-Qualified and Qualified Retirement Plans for Businesses

Executive Bonus Plans

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)

Executive Defined Benefit Plans  (larger contributions)

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP)

Life Insurance Seminar: What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance.

Buying life insurance with pre-tax dollars.

Life insurance for Key Persons, Buy-Sell Arrangements and Business Succession Planning

Tax deduction of life insurance

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT)

Premium Financing

How to sell unwanted life insurance policies


Let your business provide for your lifestyle always!

One day you will stop working one of four ways:

                  Death; Disability; Retirement; Impairment

What we do for you is work with you to make a plan today that gets you the maximum amount of money out of your business, no matter if, how or when you stop working.

Learn more at a seminar near you hosted by Tax, Insurance and Financial Professionals.

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Business Insurance Seminar:

Business Overhead Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Policies